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Personalized Sunflower Necklace Custom Name Necklace


🌻 Sunflower Necklace Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Sunflowers are a symbol of beauty joy and hope. The sunflower necklace is a perfect gift for loved ones who need to be reminded that the sun will always rise – and “You Are My Sunshine”; “Let it go”; “you make difference”; “keep going”; “Be fearless”

РRecipient: daughter, wife, best friend, niece, girlfriend, fianc̩e, granddaughter, etc.

– Occasion: Anniversary, Valentines Day, Birthday, Mothers Day, Christmas, etc.

🌻 How to take care of your jewelry?

a. Dont let your Jewelry touch Acid Alkali and other Corrosive Chemicals.

b. Dont wear jewelry when you sleep, bathe, sweat, sport


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